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Massing Open-Air Museum

The Marxensölde

Not a big farmer, but economically well-

The Marxensölde is a so-called “Mittertennhaus”, in which the barn threshing floor is located between the residential part and stables.


The Marxensölde includes a garden in the south of the property, a pumping well, an outhouse over a “Häuslgrube” (cesspit), a fruit garden and a masonry baking oven. In front of the house is a manure heap set up over a slurry pit covered with logs. The feed alley and manure alley are separated in the spacious stable. The slurry drains off directly into the pit by means of a covered gutter. The ground floor is completely built out of non-plastered bricks. White plaster strips and frames are applied in the area of the parlour. The upper floor of the residential part is built in block construction, while the barn and stable area features post & beam construction.

A condition from about 1885 is reconstructed in the rooms. In particular, the small bedroom on the upper floor indicates that the owners of the property knew how to economise well and had an appreciation of beauty. A trade which ensured an income in addition to farming was performed at the Marxensölde. The rope works is featured at the museum.

The Marxensölde ensemble includes a brick-built baking oven that was transferred in its entirety from Malling (municipality of Gangkofen) in 1986. The property with the rope works was completed in 2010.

“Einfirsthof” (farmhouse with single roof ridge) from Seemannshausen (municipality of Gangkofen) – built in 1812 (inscription above the balcony door); altered in 1885 (inscription in the balcony boards); removed in 1983; reconstructed in 1985/86