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Massing Open-Air Museum

The Kochhof

Farmhouse garden in front of the gate, slurry pit and manure heap in the middle of the farmyard


The spacious four-sided farmstead with dwelling house, barn, stable and wagon shed is enclosed on all sides with gates and wooden walls. A separate well with wind turbine on a wooden tower provides people and animals with drinking water. Sows wallow with their piglets on the sow pasture, chickens scratch on the manure heap, and turnips, salad, herbs and currant bushes grow in the garden..

The farmstead and furnishings correspond to a condition around 1930. Parts of the equipment with furniture and farming implements could be taken over directly from the old Kochhof. The parlour, kitchen and chambers are fully supplied with household goods. The many beds in the rooms of the upper floor indicate how many people once lived and worked together on this large farmstead. The Kochhof was completed at the museum in 1989.

The water-pumping windmill towers 13.25 metres above the ground. It was erected in 1985. The windmill pump’s mechanism extracts water from a depth of 10.4 metres by means of wooden pipes.

Byre-dwelling from Kerneigen near Wittibreut; Rott Valley farmhouse; wood block construction; built around 1750 – barn from Roith near Hebertsfelden; double threshing floor post & plank construction with step roof, dated 1836 – stable from Unterstetten, municipality of Neumarkt-St. Veit; cowshed with “Bohemian” vaults; pigsty with “Prussian” vaults – wagon shed and granary from Tiefstadt near Eggenfelden