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Massing Open-Air Museum

Museum for rural settlement in Lower Bavaria

Sow garden and tiled stove, wooden houses and bare bricks.

When the museum pigs wallow in the mud of the sow garden and the piglets play tag, children and adults stand at the fence and watch. The wheel of the water-pumping windmill spins high above the roof of the Kochhof barn, and the museum peacock fans its tail in front of the shed wall.
It is a bygone world of farmers with wooden houses and bare bricks. Old farmsteads from the Rott Valley, Hallertau and Isar Valley have found their place at the Massing Open-Air Museum.
Five scattered farmsteads which contain beautiful and rustic objects from the rural world in Lower Bavaria are located in the middle of hedges, fields, meadows and pastures: painted cupboards and chests, pottery from Kröning, embroidered and lathed items – and work aprons that have been patched many times. Tiled stoves and leather-covered sofas are in the parlours.

Impressive four-sided farmsteads and modest houses from small farmers are there. There is a bowling alley and washhouse as well as a village shop brimming with goods. And there is also the fascination of earlier technology: tractors, vaulted stables, a rope works with loom equipment and a spinning machine.
A grove of polar trees provides shade, the scent of herbs wafts from the farmhouse gardens, and in the kitchen there are memories of bread and Bavarian doughnuts.

Anyone who is tired of museum exhibits, hungry and thirsty will gladly stop off for refreshments at the museum restaurant (Museumsstüberl).
The Rott Valley Bicycle Route leads directly past the museum. It is hardly 10 minutes along the footpath to the railway station, and parking spaces are available directly at the museum.

VIDEO: Produktion Heiner Heine | Camera and editing Reinhard Marscha, 2015