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Open-Air Museum


Open-Air Museum


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Our english language pages provide basic information about the open air museums in massing and finsterau. For actual events and exhibitions please visit the german pages.


  • Video about the Finsterau Open-Air Museum

    Tucked away a thousand metres above sea-level behind the woods and mountains of the national parl, close to the Bohemian border, the past has found a last refuge: the Finsterau Open-Air Museum.

    Farmhouses from over the Bavarian Forest, some with all of their outbuildings, habe been brought thogether here, along with a village smithy an a highway inn. The visitor can tread a bygone reality, which is spead out before him under the open sky.

  • Video about the Massing Open-Air Museum

    Rolling, fertile ploughlands, pastures stretching to the bank of the river Laaber, Isar, Vils, Bina, Rott ... patches of woodland on the higher ground. Lower Bavaria has been farming country, dotted with brick and timber houses, since time immemorial.

    The Kochhof farm was built in the contry between the rivers Rott and Inn; the Heilmeierhof originates from a village on the edge of the broad Isar Valley; the Lehnerhof stood amidst the hopyards of the Hallertau region; an the original site of the Schusteröderhof is not far all these buildings‘ new home: the Massing Open-Air Museum.


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